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Issuing Permits and Overrides (using insidePacific)

Note: (You can only use this process if you are the primary instructor of the course.)


  • Log into insidePacific
  • Click on ‘Academic tab
  • Click on ‘Academic Services
  • Click on ‘Faculty
  • Click on ‘Student Menu’ (2nd to last option)
  • Click ‘Registration Override’ (last option)
  • Select Registration Term and click Submit
  • Ex: 200831 = Spring 2007
    • 200751 = Summer Session I 2007
    • 200761 = Summer Session II 2007
    • 200771 = Summer Session III 2007
    • 200781 = Fall 2007
  • Enter students 988# and click submit
    • Note: You must have this to permit an override. The search function will only allow you to view your advisees.
  • Click Submit again if the correct student’s name appears that you wish to permit an override
    Note: If this is not the correct student hit the web back button at the top of your screen.
  • Under the Override box click the arrow on the 1st blank line.
  • Click on the override you wish to permit
  • Under the Course box beside the permit you just choose click the arrow button
  • Choose the course you wish to permit the override for and click Submit
  • Verify that you have chosen the correct permit and course and click Submit again.
    • Note: If this is not the correct course or permit hit the web back button at the top of your screen.
  • You will see that “The registration(s) override have been saved successfully”


Instruct the student that they now can register on insidePacfic. (The student will not be registered for the course until they go on and do this.)

Valid Overrides and Permits

Class Standing Override
Used to override class standing for a course (i.e. Junior Standing).

Closed Course Override
Used to allow students into a closed course. (This is in place of the old blue form).

Level Override
Used to override the level of a course (i.e. Graduate Level).

Link (Lab & Disc) Override
Used to override a discussion or lab attached to a course. This will allow the student to register for the course or lab by itself.

Pre-req/Co-req Override
Used to override pre-requisites or co-requisites attached to courses. If there is more than one pre-requisites co-requisites it will waive all of them attached to the course.

Instructor/Department Permission
Used to permit a student to register for a course where permission of department or instructor is required.

Time Conflict Override
Used for the exceptional override of a time conflict between two classes.

Helpful Hints

Multiple Overrides: If a course needs more than 1 override repeat the steps above again with the different override. For example a student may need Permission of Instructor and a Closed Course override. You would enter this on two separate lines with the same course listed.