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Office of the Registrar-Stockton
Knoles Hall, 1st Floor
Hours and Address:
8:30a - 5:00p M-F
Office of the Registrar
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Applying for Graduation

Advance notice of the intent to graduate permits timely review of degree requirements and notification if any deficiencies in requirements need your attention. This allows you to plan or change your final term course schedule to ensure on-time completion of all requirements.

If you plan to graduate: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021

The application deadline was: Friday, May 1, 2020. 

If you've missed this deadline - please submit your application urgently.

If you expect to fulfill graduation requirements during the next academic year you must submit an application for graduation. Undergraduate and Law School students are able to use the new online application for graduation through InsidePacific (see instructions below).  All other students must fill out an Application for Graduation Form. There is no fee for filing this form.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you submit your applications via the above electronic method (below); however, the physical form may still be accepted as we transition to a fully online process.

How to use the Online Application for Graduation Feature:

  1. Log into insidePacific
  2. Under the Academic Services heading click on click here to.
  3. Click on Student & Financial Aid
  4. Click on Student Records
  5. Click on the Apply to Graduate link
  6. Click on Curriculum Term Selection and select a term.
  7. Your current degree information will be displayed here and if it is correct select the radio button next to the information and click Continue. If your degree information is incorrect in some way you must submit a Program/Major Change Form immediately.
  8. Select your anticipated Graduation Date from the drop down menu, and then press the Continue button. Note: the Graduation Date is the last day of the term and the date that appears on your degree.
  9. Please indicate whether you plan to attend commencement ceremony with the Yes or No buttons. Your name will appear in the graduation program even if you do not plan to attend.
  10. In Diploma Name Selection, you may choose the pre-populated name or enter a preferred name. The name included in this field will be the name that appears on your diploma.
  11. You must confirm or update your name and mailing address for your diploma. Diplomas are mailed directly from our vendor and take a minimum of 3 to 4 months to process. If your address may change over the summer, list an address that you know you can receive the diploma. Do not use a P.O. Box address for this purpose.
  12. Graduation Application Summary page will appear, if correct, click Submit
  13. Once you have submitted your application, you may view your submitted application at any time.

Note: After submission, changes to your graduation information (date, term, name, or diploma address) must be submitted using a paper   Application for Graduation Form.

Important Reminders

  • If you are completing your final course work at an institution other than Pacific, you must have an official transcript sent to: Office of Admission. Transcripts must be received within one month after the last day of finals at Pacific for the semester in which you plan to graduate. An approved Transfer Course Approval Request Form must be on file with the Office of the Registrar at Pacific before taking classes at another institution.
  • If you determine that you will be unable to meet all of the degree requirements by the last day of the semester in which you plan to graduate, please file an updated graduation application with the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible.
  • If you have a double major, or a major and a minor, you must complete all requirements for each major/minor before graduating. If you are unable to complete all the requirements and still wish to graduate, you must complete a change of program form to change from a double to a single major or to drop the minor. You may not graduate in one semester with one major and return in another to complete the other major or minor.
  • All grade changes, removals of incompletes, and transfer work transcripts necessary for completion of degree requirements, must be on file in the Office of the Registrar within one month after the last day of finals at Pacific for the semester in question.
  • Corrections to academic records, including change of grades due to faculty or clerical error, are made within thirty days following the granting of the degree. After this deadline records are considered official and no further amendments are allowed.
  • Diplomas are mailed to the permanent address on record around 3-4 months after the semester in which you graduate. If your address changes it is your responsibility to inform the Office of the Registrar of this change. prior to your graduation date. Returned diplomas will be kept on file five years and then destroyed. There is a fee for a replacement diploma borne by the graduate.
  • If you have any outstanding financial obligations your diploma will not be mailed. Contact the Finance Center if you have any questions regarding financial obligations.

You may officially graduate at the end of the fall semester, end of the spring semester, or end of the summer sessions, but commencement (graduation) ceremonies are held only once a year in May.