University of the Pacific is committed to actively promoting our shared values, including Integrity and Accountability, Respect and Civility, and Diversity and Inclusion. As part of our commitment these values, University of the Pacific's Compliance & Ethics Program serves the University community by providing infrastructure and resources to promote ethical behavior, principled decision making and compliance with laws, regulations and university policies.

The Compliance Committee has overall operational oversight of the Compliance Program.

Jared Gaynor | Interim Chief Compliance Officer | 209.932.7597 | Email

Deborah Freeman | Director of AA/EEO | 209.946.7362 | Email

Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | 415.351.7124 | Email

Louisa Jones | Risk and Insurance Manager | 209.946.2783 | Email

Kevin Mills | General Counsel, ex officio | 209.932.3014 | Email

Rita Peterson | Legal Office Coordinator | 209.932.3009 | Email

Randy Schwantes | Chief Audit Executive, Internal Audit | 209.946.7613 | Email

VACANT | Chief of Staff, Office of the President            

Compliance Leads & Functional Units

Day-to-day responsibilities for compliance with external laws and regulations as well as internal policies is the obligation and duty of each university community member, which includes employees, faculty, students, administrators, and regents.

Compliance Lead Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with those responsible for compliance within the functional unit;
  • Help to identify and oversee regulatory and internal policies;
  • Monitor and verify compliance in the applicable unit; and
  • Make recommendations for training and monitor completion of training requirements, as needed, for those within the unit

Academics, Student Life and Recruitment is responsible for all compliance matters regarding academic guidelines, regulations, and requirements specific students.

Compliance Lead: Jared Gaynor | 209.932.7597 |

Jared Gaynor serves as the Chief of Staff to the Provost. In this role, Jared is the senior professional deputy to the Provost, handling a wide range of matters for the Provost, including as a senior advisor to the Provost, as the lead for administrative research administrative projects and policy issues for the Academic Division and other senior university leadership, and as the Compliance Lead for the Academic Operations Compliance Functional Unit. Jared also currently serves as the Chair of the University Policy Advisory Committee, and previously served Pacific as Interim Assistant Provost for the Center for Professional and Continuing Education. In addition to a JD earned from the McGeorge School of Law at Pacific, Jared has an MS in Microbiology from Colorado State University, a BS in Microbiology (Concentration in Clinical Lab Sciences) from the California State University at Chico, and a Certificate in International and Comparative Law from a joint program of the McGeorge School of Law and Universität Salzburg.

Functional Unit Supervisors

Accreditations | Cyd Jenefsky | Vice Provost for Strategy and Educational Effectiveness | Email

Admissions | Jonathan Latta | Interim Executive Director, Undergrad Admissions | Email

Clinical Internships | Marjan Hazrati | Clinical Education Liasion | Email

Copyrights, Intellectual Property | Jared Gaynor | Research and Compliance | Email

Financial Aid | Aquila Galgon | Associate Director | Email

Grants | Jim Uchizono | Associate Provost, Research | Email

Housing Operations | Joe Berthiaume | Executive Director, Residential Housing | Email

Human/Animal Subjects | Sandy Ellenbolt | Institutional Research Board Administrator | Email

Immigration, Student Exchange | Ryan Griffith | Director, International Programs and Services | Email

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee | Sandy Ellenbolt | Institutional Research Board Administrator | Email

IRB/Research | Sandy Ellenbolt | Institutional Research Board Administrator | Email

Legal Clinics | Mary‑Beth Moylan | Professor of Lawyering Skills | Email

NCAA, Equity in Athletics | Holly Trexler | Senior Associate Director, Athletics | Email

Registrar Office | Elisa Anders | Associate Provost | Email

Research Policy/Administration | Jim Uchizono | Associate Provost, Research | Email

Scientific Misconduct | Jim Uchizono | Associate Provost, Research | Email

State Authorizations | Beverly Wade | Director, State Authorizations | Email

Student Conduct | Jared Stammer | Assistant Dean, Student Conduct | Email

Student Groups | Marc Falkenstein | Executive Director, Campus Life | Email

Student Health | Dayna Cerruti-Barbero | Director, Health Services | Email

Applicable Compliance Resources and Articles

Operations and Employees is responsible for all compliance matters regarding employees and university community members.

Compliance Lead: Deborah Freeman | 209.946.7362 |

Deborah Freeman serves as the Director of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Deborah manages the implementation and oversight of the university's affirmative action program and provides counsel to and advises university administrators, managers, supervisors, and departments about equity, accessibility, non-discrimination, and anti-harassment, policies, regulations, guidelines, and laws. Deborah also serves as the Compliance Lead for the HR, Equity and Diversity Compliance Functional Unit. In addition to her MBA from Aspen University, Deborah holds certifications in Human Resources (PHR and SHRM-CP) and Affirmative Action (Senior Certified Affirmative Action Professional).

Functional Unit Supervisors

ADA Program Management | Deborah Freeman | Director, Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity | Email

Benefits and Retirement | Stacey Lucchesi | Associate Director, Benefits | Email

Camps, Minors on Campus | Louisa Jones | Manager, Risk and Insurance | Email

Compensation | Linda Jeffers | Assistant Vice President for Human Resources | Email

Donor Gift Restrictions | Cathy Wooton | Senior Associate Vice President, Development | Email

Drones | Roberta Martoza | Director, Enterprise Risk Management | Email

EEOC/Affirmative Action | Deborah Freeman | Director, Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity | Email

External Relations | Mike Klocke | Community Relations Director | Email

Facilities | Steve Greenwood | Director, Physical Plant | Email

Global Operations | Linda Jeffers | Assistant Vice President for Human Resources | Email

Marketing | Nefretiri Cooley-Broughton | Executive Director, University Communications and Marketing | Email

Payroll | Tara Juano | Director, Payroll Services | Email

Procurement | Ronda Marr | Director, Procurement Services | Email

Real Estate | Chris Madill | Director, Planning and Construction Management | Email

Sanction Checks | Deborah Freeman | Director, Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity | Email

Student Disability Resources | Daniel Nuss | Director, Office of Services for Students with Disabilities | Email

Taxes | Deborah Marini | Associate Director and Collections Manager | Email

Workers Compensation | Roberta Martoza | Director, Enterprise Risk Management | Email

Applicable Compliance Resources and Articles

Privacy and Social Responsibility is responsible for all compliance matters regarding privacy.

Compliance Lead: Lindsey Green | 415.351.7124 |

Lindsey Green serves as the University Privacy Officer. Lindsey was appointed to be University HIPAA Privacy Officer in June 2017 and continues to serve in that role in addition to serving as university wide privacy officer. In addition, Lindsey is also the Patient Relations Liaison for the Arthur A. Dugoni, School of Dentistry, where she helps resolve patient disputes and works with faculty, staff and students to improve the patient experience. Lindsey earned her JD from DePaul University College of Law in 2007 and became a member of the Illinois Bar that same year. She became certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance in 2018. Certified Information Privacy Professional in 2019.

Functional Unit Supervisors

Center for Medicate and Medicaid Services | Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | Email

Conflict of Interest | Sandy Ellenbolt | Institutional Research Board Administrator | Email

Corporate Records | Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | Email

Data Privacy and Security | Ken Kerrick | Chief Information Security Officer | Email

DMCA | Leo Calanglang | Assistant Security Officer | Email

EHS | Mike Ubick | Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety | Email

Export Controls | Sandy Ellenbolt | Institutional Research Board Administrator | Email

False Claims Act | Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | Email

FERPA | Elisa Anders | Associate Provost | Email

HIPAA | Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | Email

Investments | Jol Manilay | Assistant Vice President, Treasury | Email

Payment Card Industry (PCI) | Todd Sparrow | Associate Director, E-Commerce | Email

Personal Identifying Information (PII) | Lindsey Green | University Privacy Officer | Email

Technology Licensing | Ken Kerrick | Chief Information Security Officer | Email

Trademarks | Nefretiri Cooley-Broughton | Executive Director, University Communications and Marketing | Email

Applicable Compliance Resources and Articles

Compliance: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

The Compliance & Ethics Program, under the leadership of Jared Gaynor, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and with the support of the compliance team of 3 Compliance Leads provides resources to help faculty, staff and students do the right thing and ensure Pacific is a safe, secure and ethical place to work and learn. The Compliance team is a "one-stop shop" of university compliance unit leads who represent areas of university business such as human resources, finance, academic support and student affairs, and are available to answer questions and provide guidance in their respective areas.

The Compliance Program introduced the Compliance Helpline, hosted by a third-party provider, EthicsPoint, to provide an easy method for members of the university community to request guidance for compliance questions and concerns, and to report compliance issues. An important feature of the Compliance Helpline is that all requests and reports either by phone or online can be made on a confidential, anonymous basis, at the choice of the Helpline user.

The CCO and compliance leads are available to make presentations to your department or unit. To schedule a presentation, please contact Ashley Swirsky, Compliance Program Coordinator, at

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This federal law covers many subjects but most people are familiar with the privacy rights and protections it provides to certain medical records. FERPA stands for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and is another federal law regarding privacy of education records.

Both federal laws concern the privacy and protection of information. HIPAA sets standards for the use and disclosure of patient records and gives patients the right to view and correct their records. 

Similarly, FERPA outlines the circumstances in which an educational institution may share student education records and how and when a student (or their parent) may have access to that information. While the subject matter is the same, the specifics regarding who can access the records and the circumstances in which you can share them differ.

Both laws contain specific exceptions allowing for disclosure of information in the case of a threat to the health and safety of the patient/student or others.

Given that HIPAA concerns the privacy of health information, many people logically assume students’ health records maintained by a campus health clinic or a school’s athletics department would be covered by HIPAA. However, HIPAA has some specific exceptions for health information, one of which is covered by FERPA. FERPA covers student educational records, which include health records that directly relate to a student and are maintained by a qualifying educational institution.

Student health records are still private and must be maintained securely with restricted access. When it comes to determining when and with whom student medical information can be shared, we must follow the university’s FERPA policies and procedures. 

In some cases, FERPA is more restrictive than HIPAA rules. For example, for treatment purposes, HIPAA allows medical information to be freely shared between medical providers without patient permission or notice. Under FERPA, information maintained in a student record can only be shared with a treatment provider with student consent or if the disclosure meets one of the FERPA exceptions to consent.