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Better Bites - Good nutrition can add years to your life

Mar 3, 2014

March is official Nutrition Month! 

Nutritious foods not only increase your energy and improve your mood but can also add years to your life by helping prevent many health conditions.  Healthy treats come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors to fit your taste.

Try oven-baked sweet potatoes or kale chips.  Instead of rice, try quinoa. Always go for fresh foods instead of processed ones.  Also, making the extra effort to cook at home instead of going out to dinner helps you be aware of what goes into your meal and what stays out!

Keep in mind that what you drink can also affect your health.  Next time you feel like a soda, consider a carbonated water with an orange slice instead! 

For more information on nutrition and healthy eating click here>>!

An don't forget, you can get fresh vegetables each week right here on campus at the Robb Garden's market day.

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