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US Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

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Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

"Human Security in the Information Age"
Mary-Lou TylerApr 8, 2014

Two SIS Seniors have been selected to attend the 54th Annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, April 8-10.
This conference aims to examine the Information Age within the paradigm of human security emphasizing the security of the individual over the traditional construct of national security. The last three decades have seen a proliferation of information technologies and increasingly complex social networks.  These technologies enable citizens to interact, collaborate, inform, and take collective action in ways that are redefining the traditional understanding of what it means to be secure in our persons. Political, criminal, and violent threats made possible by the Information Age not only threaten individual security but also undermine the ability of the state to protect its citizens. Likewise, the Information Age is forcing a reevaluation of the role of the state itself with regards to the exchange of information amongst its people, with non-state actors, and with other states. How does the Information Age affect the security of the individual? What form will the interactions between states and the individual take in this new Information Age? Has the Information Age enabled freedom or strengthened control?

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