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Wellness news: February is heart health month

Feb 13, 2017

Be good to your heart and your heart will be good to you. What goes around, comes around. That's pretty much how the cardiovascular system works.

Seize the days and make your heart happy: Your heart works harder than any other muscle in your body. What have you done for it lately? Here's how you can show your heart some love:

  • Sleep well: People who sleep less than seven hours a night tend to have higher blood pressure, so do your heart a favor and get your "zzzs."
  • Go fish: Salmon, mackerel and anchovies are loaded with omega-3s. Just one serving a week is enough to make a heart-healthy difference.
  • Move it: Inactive people are nearly twice as likely to develop heart disease as people who exercise, according to the National Institutes of Health.
  • Adopt a pet: In addition to providing unconditional love and being super cute, pets can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

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