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2016-17 Academic Program Review results

Jan 19, 2018

Academic Program review is part of Pacific's ongoing commitment to academic excellence. This process provides a regular opportunity for programs to engage in a systematic self-examination aimed at improving student learning and program quality. Programs are reviewed every seven years and the process usually includes a self-study, external review and the process culminates in an action plan developed in collaboration with the academic unit, the Dean and the Provost. During the 2016-2017 cycle, six programs completed program review. Below is a summary of the results. The complete report is available here (Pacific login required).  

2016-17 Program Review Cycle Summary of Commendations and Recommendations From External Reviewers
Topic Number of Programs Received Commendations Number of Programs Received Recommendations
Quality of Faculty Work 5   
Faculty Lines   2
Pedagogical Practices 3  
Curriculum and Courses 4 5
Student Satisfaction 4  
Contributions to Greater University Community 1  
Collaboration/Coordination with other programs or departments 1 5
Enrollment/Admissions   3
Assessment   4
Marketing   3
Collegiality/Program Administration   3


2016-17 Program Review Cycle Summary of Actions Planned by Programs
Topic Number of Programs in this Category
Existing Curriculum and/or Course restructuring or re-design 6
Coordination/Collaboration (external) 5
Assessment 5
Creation of New Concentration, Course, or Major 4
Collegiality/Program administration (internal) 4
Enrollment/Admissions 3
Marketing 3
Creation or Conversion of Faculty Line 2
Faculty Work Load Issues 2
Improving the Student Experience 2

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