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Research Day

More than 300 faculty, students, administrators and family members attended Research Day April 28 showcasing research and scholarship by faculty and students.

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Faculty and students showcase outstanding research and scholarship during Research Day

May 8, 2018

More than 300 faculty, students, administrators and family members came to celebrate research and scholarship during the Research Day and Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference event on Saturday April 28. The combined events showcase undergraduate research and creative activities as well as graduate student and faculty research during the current academic year. Oral presentations and more than 100 poster presentations made for a full day of activities.

During the awards luncheon, two faculty members were recognized for research and research mentoring.  

Ove Peters, professor and co-chair of endodontics at Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, was chosen by faculty peers as the Faculty Research Lecturer for 2018. Peters has received numerous research awards and is internationally recognized for his research in endodontic and antimicrobial materials and stem cell work. The Faculty Research Lecturer award was established by the Faculty Research Committee to recognize faculty with a record of meritorious research or artistic contributions during their service at the University.   

Liang Xue, professor of Chemistry in the College of the Pacific, was selected to receive the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award. This award recognizes a faculty member for their outstanding commitment in the mentoring of undergraduate researchers. More...  

In addition, the recipients of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships were announced. These grants support students working with faculty mentors on scholarly projects during the summer.  

  • Katie Andrews, Geological and Environmental Sciences, for the project "Assessment of Paleo-climate through analysis of spring-associated carbonate." Adviser: Laura Rademacher
  • Justin Boetius, Mechanical Engineering, for the project "Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Sequential Bone Drilling with Applications to Osteoarthritis Treatment." Adviser: JuEun Lee
  • Jenica Emerson, Biology, for the project "Triggers of Egg-Laying: Does Mating Call Attractiveness Matter?" Adviser: Marcos Gridi-Papp
  • Katelyn Getchel, History, for the project "¡Viva La Raza! : The Bracero Program in California's Central Valley." Adviser: Laura Gutierrez
  • Thomas Harwood, Biology, for the project "Molecular regulation of motility in symbiotic cyanobacteria." Adviser: Doug Risser
  • Caitlin Reynolds, Psychology, for the project "Don't talk to strangers, or should you? Shy children's vocalizations with parents and strangers." Adviser: Jessica Grady
  • Kelsey Wong, Chemistry, for the project "Evaluation of cis-diamond-cyclohexane derivatives as potential chiral catalysts in organic synthesis." Adviser: Vyacheslav Samoshin      

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