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New email and information security policies to be implemented Sept. 28

Sep 24, 2018

Effective September 28th, 2018, Pacific is implementing two policies to enhance our response to information security threats facing the university on a daily basis:

  1. Email Policy 
  2. Information Security Education and Awareness Policy 

Both policies were developed in collaboration with faculty, staff and students by way of the Information Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC). Each policy went through an extensive vetting process where it was presented for feedback at a variety of department/division meetings, Academic Council and the President's Cabinet.

As you may be aware from recent and ongoing news events, information security breaches are an ever-increasing risk for organizations like Pacific. Often these breaches are the result of well-meaning employees responding to email correspondences or other attempts by hackers to gain access to information.

In response, Pacific is introducing an email policy that specifies the responsibilities of Pacific community members using email in a manner consistent with industry best practices and outlines steps Pacific will be undertaking to prevent some of those attacks.

Second, members of the Pacific community who have access to information technology-based resources or handle data must complete a 30-minute information security training session. Staff with access to categories of regulated data specified in the policy must complete training annually, and staff who do not access specified categories must complete training biannually. 

These policies live within the framework of the university's policies. They apply to all employees, contractors and volunteers including faculty, staff, coaches, administrators, students and temporary employees who handle data and/or have access to the university's email and information technology-based resources.

It is the responsibility of every member of the Pacific community to read, understand and adhere to the responsibilities outlined in these policies. We firmly believe following these policies will reduce the institution's information security risk.

If you have any questions, please contact your unit's Technical Service Provider or local Helpdesk.

Sacramento Helpdesk
San Francisco Helpdesk
Stockton Helpdesk

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