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Update on public health notification regarding tuberculosis

Feb 26, 2016

Vice President for Student Life Patrick Day provided an update on the efforts  of the Sacramento County Division of Public Health following the diagnosis of active tuberculosis in one of Pacific's Sacramento students.

No one was found to be symptomatic or needs to be removed from school, eight individuals had positive results, suggesting they may have latent TB. These individuals will be further evaluated and offered preventative treatment if needed. Latent TB is not infectious and cannot spread to others. Only active TB can be transmitted.

According to public health officials, it is expected that at any given time a small percentage of people in the general population will test positive for latent TB.

The university will continue to partner with the Sacramento County Division of Public Health on this matter and will provide additional updates as needed.

For more information on latent and active TB, please visit For additional background on TB, please visit

If you have additional questions, you may contact Pacific Health Services at 209.946.2315.

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