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Wellness news: June is Men's Health Month

Jun 1, 2016

The more you know about men's health, the healthier you — or the men in your life — will be.  Your health plays a role in everything you do, whether you're on the job, at the gym, out with family and friends, and even in your love life.  You want to be fit, sharp, and at the top of your game at every stage of life.

That's why prevention is so important.  When you take time to look after yourself, you can:

  • Catch problems early
  • Reduce your risks with small lifestyle changes
  • Work with your doctor on a clear plan to maintain good health

Keep yourself at peak performance with our convenient online tools, healthy living programs and coaching, and medical records and services. Learn more in Kaiser's Men's Guide to Good Health by clicking here. This guide is packed with facts, tips from medical professionals, and simple ways to live healthier.

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