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Work begins on Pacific 2025 priorities

Oct 3, 2016

University of the Pacific has begun a refresh of its strategic plan, Pacific 2020. This refresh, referred to as Pacific 2025, is integral to Pacific's vision of becoming a leading university in California.

As previously reported, Strategic Planning Teams (SPTs) are beginning their work on the five strategies identified for Pacific 2025:

  • Thriving Students
  • An Integrated 21st Century Liberal Arts Experience
  • Leading Health Care Education
  • Growth and Financial Sustainability
  • People, Culture and Infrastructure  

Each priority has a definition and overarching objective (see table below). During October and November, the SPTs will meet individually and consult with others to identify and prioritize initiatives, develop timelines and metrics, and estimate costs to meet the overarching objective of each priority (see the schedule below). The SPTs also will seek feedback from the university community through a SharePoint site and comment form, and through open campus conversations in early October and November. Provost Maria Pallavicini and Associate Vice President for Planning Linda Buckley are meeting with university committees and groups in early October to present and discuss the refresh process (see schedule below).   

Pacific 2025 Priorities, Definitions, and Overarching Objectives


Definition Overarching Objective
Thriving Students             Pacific will demonstrate an exceptional commitment to holistic student success at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels across educational experiences.   In the next three years, Pacific will establish exceptional student support services for undergraduate and graduate students that follow best practices to foster a student's academic and personal success while building a strong affiliation between the student and University of the Pacific.  
An Integrated 21st Century Liberal Arts Experience         Pacific will provide a transformative undergraduate education with a liberal arts experience that prepares every graduate to deal with the complexity, diversity and change of the 21st century.   Within the next four years, Pacific's undergraduates will benefit from a common set of liberal arts-related core requirements that have clearly defined learning outcomes relevant to the 21st century and an experiential learning component that takes advantage of our multiple campus locations.
Leading Health Care Education                             Pacific will be known for bold, high-impact health education academic programs and experiences, integrated across boundaries, disciplines, pedagogies and communities.                   Within three years, Pacific will establish a School of Integrated Health to provide a wide array of health care and inter-disciplinary academic and programmatic opportunities aligned with health care sector needs. It will house and support existing and new graduate health care professional programs, serve as a hub for the development, coordination and implementation of leading-edge innovative inter-professional curriculum with common core competencies, and support undergraduate programs in the area of health by building strong collaborative relationships with Pacific's schools and the College.  
Growth and Financial Sustainability             University of the Pacific will strengthen its financial sustainability by strategically growing enrollments as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our academic and administrative operations.     Over the next five years, enrollments will grow in a manner consistent with the Strategic Enrollment Plan; a new budgeting system will be in place with greater incentives and accountability; we will understand and benchmark our costs; and review and modify business and educational policies, practices and structures to reduce costs institutionally.
People, Culture and Infrastructure             Pacific will be a thriving university where people operate seamlessly across the organization benefiting from a positive and inclusive climate, strong support and mutual respect.   Over the next four years, University of the Pacific will benefit from talented and supported people who serve our students and colleagues well; share common values and culture; and utilize business systems and procedures that are streamlined, coordinated and aligned with Pacific's strategies.

Pacific 2025 Consultation Schedule Highlights

October 6

Discuss process and progress with Council of Deans Provost
October 6 - 19 Identify and prioritize initiatives (with consultation) SPTs
October 11 Discuss process and progress with Institutional Priorities Committee Provost
October 13 Discuss process and progress with Academic Council Provost
October 14 Discuss process and progress with Staff Advisory Council Provost
October 17 Discuss process and progress with ASuop Provost
October 19 Report on initiatives to Strategic Planning Committee (SPC); begin work on timelines SPTs
October 19 - 30 Develop timelines and metrics for initiatives (with consultation) SPTs
November 2 Report on timelines and metrics for initiatives to SPC SPTs
Late October and Early November (dates TBA) Open Campus Conversations President, Provost, SPTs

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