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Academic Minute

Maria Pallavicini, provost of University of the Pacific, introduces our
"Academic Minute" podcasts.

If you had a minute to spend with a University of the Pacific professor, what would you learn?

How spider silk may one day be used to make cars, perhaps. Or how musicians use their art to fight for civil rights. Or how drones can help keep bridges safe. 

But listen for yourself in the podcasts below, as Pacific's scholar-teachers describe their work in their own words.

The podcasts originally aired on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio as part of the NPR affiliate's Academic Minute program. The program showcases exciting work from researchers at colleges and universities throughout the world.

The podcasts are also available on Inside Higher Ed's website.

Listen to a podcast:

John Mayberry and James Graham

John Mayberry - Math and Sports, Dec. 4, 2015
John Mayberry, assistant professor of mathematics, explains his work with Pacific's water polo coach, James Graham, in using math to help water polo teams win more games. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of Nov. 30, 2015: Kettering University, McGill University, Union College and University of Texas

Elizabeth Basha

Elizabeth Basha - Many uses of UAVs, May 5, 2015
Elizabeth Basha, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, talks about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor for bridge safety and to detect natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and landslides. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of May. 4, 2015: The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Monmouth University, St. Anselm College and Vassar College

Keith Hatschek Keith Hatschek - Jazz and Civil Rights, November 13, 2014
Keith Hatschek, director of the Music Management Program, talks about the contributions that jazz musicians made to the fight for racial equality. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of Nov. 10, 2014: George Washington University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Colorado Boulder and North Dakota State University

Feilin Hsiao Feilin Hsiao - Cochlear Implants and Music, October 7, 2014
Feilin Hsiao, assistant professor of music at University of The Pacific, conducts research aimed at helping people with cochlear implants enjoy music. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of Oct. 6, 2014: University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Georgia and North Dakota State University

Craig Vierra Craig Vierra - The Race to Replicate Spider Silk, March 31, 2014
Craig Vierra, professor and assistant chair of University of the Pacific's department of Biological Sciences, is working on a way to replicate spider silk for use in making everything from body armor to cars. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of March 31, 2014: Dartmouth College, University of North Carolina, Université Laval (Québec) and Cornell University

Amy SmithAmy Smith – The Appeal of Jane Austen’s Characters, October 26, 2012
Amy Smith, professor of English at University of the Pacific, probes the international appeal of the characters that populate the work of Jane Austen. Read more >>

Also featured during the week of Oct. 22, 2012: Ohio University, Northeastern University, University of Bristol and University of Minnesota

Ken AlbalaKen Albala - Where's the Beef?, March 1, 2011
Ken Albala, professor of history at University of the Pacific, examines competing claims about the meat content in some popular fast foods. Read more >>



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