Pacific offers multiple options for visitors, commuters and residential students who want to utilize cleaner, more affordable transportation modes. Using electric and smart commuter options supports University of the Pacific's sustainability goal of reducing carbon emissions and helps to improve local air quality.


Electric vehicle charging

There are eight Level 2 chargers (16 plugs) on campus where electric vehicles can be charged. Search location and availability on ChargePoint. Charges are available to anyone with a permit and the public after Business hours.

Parking Permit: You must have the parking permit for the lot where the charger is located. Most of these lots require B permits.

Fees: $0.25/kWh to charge. $2/hour parking fee goes into effect 2 hours after vehicle finishes charging.

Use: Create a free ChargePoint account to activate charging and pay for service prior to first use. Then, plug in to park, for no longer than four hours. If you stay plugged in for more than four hours, you risk citation and parking fees.

See the Electric Vehicle Charging section of Stockton Campus Parking for more details

Local transportation options

  • Zipcar: Essentially car rental via an app for approved members 18+. Cars are electric and located on campus in Parking Lots 4 & 6. Become a member, reserve a vehicle, pay by hour or day. Register with Pacific email to get discounted rates. Learn more.
  • Location map, Pacific
  • Pacific Shuttle: Fridays and Saturdays from January 19 to April 27, 2024.
    Pacific runs a shuttle every hour from 4–8 p.m., leaving from Burns tower. Shuttle stops include Miracle Mile, Target, Sherwood Mall and Lincoln Center. More details are provided below. 

  • Vamos EZ-Hub: App to access information, plan routes and buy tickets across all Stockton transportation hubs: bikeshare, carshare, RTD, ACE Rail
  • $10 monthly bus pass: 31-day bus passes are available to Pacificans for $10 at the DeRosa Center front desk. Pass is good on all Stockton Metro Bus Routes. Route 40 stops at Pacific Avenue and Pacific Circle about every 15 minutes and stops at Lincoln Center, Sherwood Mall, Weberstown Mall, Miracle Mile, and more.

Preferred parking for carpool and low emission vehicles

Parking stalls located closer to buildings are only for permitted commuters who carpool or use a low emission vehicle (LEV). These parking stalls are marked by a Dibs and Low Emission Vehicle sign. You must have a CA Clean Air Vehicle decal to park in the LEV stall or risk citation.

Dibs & Free Emergency Ride Home service

Dibs offers free resources for anyone commuting in San Joaquin County, including mapped bike routes, connecting to carpool partners and more. Learn more at

A free emergency ride home program is available to anyone using a smart commute option three or more times a week.

University fleet

The University utilizes fuel efficient and electric vehicles. Over 70% of University vehicles, cars and carts are electric. Solar panels have been installed on a portion of electric carts operated by Facilities.

Pacific Shuttle
Pacific Shuttle

The shuttle runs from 4-8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays between January 19 and April 27, 2024.

The route is a continuous loop with the following stops: 

  • Pick up at Burns Tower
  • First stop at Miracle Mile – Fat City Brew & BBQ 
  • Second stop at Target Parking lot 
  • Third stop at Sherwood Place – Parking lot next to Macy’s 
  • Last stop at Lincoln Center – Trader Joes parking lot 
  • Bus returns to Burns Tower

From 7-8 p.m., the route will have only one drop off at the Target Parking lot.


Fridays and Saturdays, 4 - 8 p.m.

Location 1st Route (Drop-off only) 2nd Route 3rd Route 4th Route Final Route (Pick-up only)
Burns Tower 4 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m.  
Miracle Mile 4:10 p.m. 5:10 p.m. 6:10 p.m.   7:40 p.m.
Target 4:20 p.m. 5:20 p.m. 6:20 p.m.   7:10 p.m.
Sherwood Mall 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.   7:30 p.m.
Lincoln Center 4:40 p.m. 5:40 p.m. 6:40 p.m.   7:20 p.m.
Burns Tower 4:50 p.m. 5:50 p.m. 6:50 p.m.   8 p.m.

Allow a five minute waiting time for drop-off and pick-up on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th routes.

The 4th route is only for a Target run, followed by a pick-up only route - Lincoln Center, Sherwood Mall, Miracle Mile, Target and Burns Tower.

Students cannot be dropped off during the Final Route.


The Sacramento Campus offers preferred parking for carpool and low emission vehicles (LEVs).


E-bikes for rent are available in Sacramento. Reserve and pay through Lime App. Check for student or low-income plans.


  • Essentially car rental via an app for approved members 18+
  • Cars are electric and located on campus in Parking Lot 5 by Muddox
  • Become a member, reserve a vehicle and pay by hour or day
  • Register with your Pacific email to get discounted rates

Sac 511

Free resource for finding carpool partners and other commute options in Sacramento.

San Francisco

Learn more about public transportation to the San Francisco Campus

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Located in parking garage
  • First come, first serve

Secure Bike Parking and Electric Scooter Charging

  • Located in parking garage
  • Contact San Francisco Campus Department of Public Safety for swipe card access

Preferred parking for carpool and low emission vehicles

  • Spaces are assigned
  • Contact San Francisco Campus Department of Public Safety regarding LEV parking space lottery