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The undergraduate major in English prepares students for careers that put a premium on critical thinking and literacy. While many majors become teachers, many more enter business, government service, law, medicine or other professions after further schooling.

Undergraduate majors can choose courses in creative writing, professional writing, British literature, American literature, world literature, film studies, interdisciplinary studies, language and critical theory, and gender studies, just to name a few. Given the flexibility of the English major, many students within the University choose to double major in English. The department offers a minor in English and writing for students committed to a different academic major.

Upper-division courses (those numbered 100 or above) are more specialized or applied than lower-division courses. These specialized courses often presume prior training in the subject and explore authors like Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare and William Faulkner, or specific topics such as war, poetics, medievalism, and how literature and other arts intersect ("Blues, Jazz, and Literature").

Single Subject Credential in English

Single Subject students are required to take TWO upper-division writing courses from one of the following: ENGL 106 (Content Engineering), and ENGL 109 (Professional Communications).Students interested in pursuing certification to teach English at the secondary school level consult with the English Department Credential Advisor, Dr. Amy Smith.