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Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Graduate Program Office
Dr. Xiaoling Li
Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research, Graduate Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences

Program Overview
The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Graduate Program (PCSP) is a collaboration between the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry in the College of the Pacific. It is closely tied to industrial interests and trends and is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the pharmaceutical and/or chemical sciences.

The program offers students three degree tracks (Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and a dual degree program in Doctor of Pharmacy/Doctor of Philosophy) and five focus areas offered through four departments.In addition to core classes students also receive general training in:

  • Industrial process and methodology
  • Laboratory management, risk management and safety
  • Instrumentation and laboratory techniques
  • Statistics and experiential design
  • Ethical and legal aspects of scientific inquiry
  • Exposure to the basic and clinical sciences related to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience in professional presentations and data summaries

Program Goals and Design
The goals of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program (PCSP) curriculum are:

  • to prepare students for the challenges of both pure and applied research
  • to advance knowledge in the specialization
  • to encourage fundamental discovery in the chemical, pharmaceutical and health-care sciences
  • to attain advanced degrees

Faculty from the departments of chemistry, pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry, physiology and pharmacology, and pharmacy practice bring their research interest and expertise to the program.

Students are encouraged to combine the talents of the faculty into a unique, student-centered and interdisciplinary program that will meet their individual education goals.

Focus Areas

The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Graduate Program (PCSP) allows students to select one of five highly sought after focus areas through four of the University science departments.

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Investigation of chemical, biochemical and biomedical questions using a broad range of computational and experimental tools including state-of-the-art instrumentation, synthetic methods and molecular techniques.

This area of focus is offered by the Department of Chemistry*

Biopharmaceutical Sciences
This focus area involves the study of applied and basic sciences in drug targeting/delivery/disposition/discovery and chemical biology. Selectivity of drug delivery, understanding of cellular mechanisms for novel drug discovery and design, and molecular mechanisms contributing to drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are emphasized.

This focus area is offered through the Department of Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry.*

Chemical Synthesis, Drug Discovery and Design
Discovery and development of new chemical entities from synthetic and natural product sources as potential drugs; new methods of chemical synthesis and structural elucidation.

This area of focus is offered by the Department of Chemistry and Department of Pharmaceutics/Medicinal Chemistry*

Molecular-Cellular Pharmacology and Toxicology
Involves investigations using enzymology, cell cultures and laboratory animals, of the mechanisms by which drugs and other bioactive chemicals affect cellular processes and how drugs are metabolized.

This focus area is offered by the Department of Physiology/ Pharmacology and Department of Pharmaceutics/Medicinal Chemistry *

Health Care Outcomes and Clinical Services
Designed to promote the development of scholars by providing them with the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to evaluate the delivery and use of pharmaceutical/health care products and services, thereby improving medication use, patient-specific outcomes as well as reducing health care costs.

This focus area is offered through the Department of Pharmacy Practice. Click here for the brochure.

* Applicants should indicate on the application that they are interested in applying to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Science Program and their desired area of focus (e.g. Chemical Synthesis, Drug Discovery and Design). Applicants are encouraged to visit the individual faculty pages for their research interests.