Cost of Attendance for International Students

Although the Cost of Attendance (COA) is used to determine the student’s total financial aid eligibility, especially when federal aid is involved, international students may find that the COA is a helpful tool to estimate their costs and to plan their budgets for enrollment at the university. 

International students who travel to the university from locations outside the U.S. should expect to have transportation costs that are significantly higher than the estimates in the COA.

Bills are payable on a semester basis. Prior to registration, international students should have on deposit in the Finance Center an amount equal to their estimated semester charges. For students whose funds originate in countries where severe currency restrictions exist, the university may require advance payment of tuition and fees. The university reserves the right to change fees, modify services, or change its programs at any time and without prior notice.

For inquiries, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 209.946.2517; Fax: 209.946.2468; e-mail: For more information, please refer to the Student Accounts website.

Note: Like most U.S. universities, Pacific’s Board of Regents sets tuition each year. The board tries to keep increases as low as possible. In recent years, increases have averaged about 3 percent per year—less than most of our peers. Note that tuition and increases can vary between programs to meet specific needs.