Applying to the Pathway Program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology/Master of Social Work (MSW) Pathway Program offers an accelerated program of study for students who want to complete their BA in Sociology in 3.5 years while earning credits toward a Pacific MSW degree. Undergraduate students apply to this pathway program in the spring semester of their sophomore year.

Am I qualified to apply to the BA, Sociology to MSW Pathway Program?

  1. Students must be a current University of the Pacific student, pursuing the Sociology major.
  2. Qualified applicants will have a minimum grade point average of 3.3 in health studies, humanities, and social and behavioral science courses. All transcripts will be reviewed by the MSW program.

How do I enroll in the BA, Sociology to MSW Pathway Program?

  1. Interested students will discuss their interest in the program with their faculty advisor.
  2. During the spring semester of the sophomore year, students will apply to Pathway option. The application will be submitted to the MSW program and a faculty committee will determine if the student is academically qualified for the program.
  3. Upon acceptance into the pathway program, student will work with their faculty advisor to complete a change of program form with the registrar’s office.
  4. During the fall semester of the student’s senior year, they will apply to the Advanced Standing MSW program which starts each spring. In order to be admitted and transfer courses into the MSW program, students must earn a grade of 'B' or better in all five courses and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all health studies, humanities, and social and behavioral science courses.

Students in the pathway program must take five courses in the MSW program during the fall of their junior and senior years.

Fall - Junior Year

  • SOCW 203 – Research-Informed Practice, hybrid, 3 units
  • SOCW 207 – Diversity and Social Justice, hybrid, 3 units

Fall - Senior Year

  • SOCW 201 – Social Work Theory & Practice 1, hybrid, 3 units
  • SOCW 209 – Social Work Skills Lab, classroom, 3 units
  • SOCW 205 – Policy & Advocacy in Social Work Practice, hybrid, 3 units

These courses may count toward both the 120-unit BA Sociology requirement and the MSW program requirements.


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