How do you want to change the world?

Do you see yourself working in a nonprofit organization or in a governmental agency? As a lobbyist or in public advocacy? Have you ever thought about running for office some day? If so, consider adding the Public Affairs Minor.

The Public Affairs Minor is an interdisciplinary program that introduces you to the world of public policymaking and administration. You will learn about how and why governments do what they do, and you will explore a policy area of your choosing—for example environmental, family, health, or criminal justice policy. You will also learn about a wide variety of public-service careers and graduate degree programs.

Select one of the following: 4

SOCI 041

Social Problems  

SOCI 051

Introduction to Sociology  
Select one of the following: 4

ECON 053

Introductory Microeconomics  

ECON 055

Introductory Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy  
Select one of the following: 4

POLS 011

Introduction to Comparative Politics  

POLS 041

U.S. Government and Politics  
Select one of the following public policy/administration courses: 4

POLS 119

Government in Action: Public Policy Analysis  

POLS 128

Introduction to Public Administration  
Select one of the following research methods courses: 4

COMM 160

Communication Research Methods  

ECON 161

Empirical Methods  

INTL 101

Social Science Research Methods  

POLS 133

Political Science Research  

SOCI 171

Social Research Methods  
Select one of the following topic courses: 4

COMM 117

Public Advocacy  

COMM 143

Intercultural Communication  

ECON 131

Public Finance  

ECON 157

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics  

ECON 180

Labor Economics  

ECON 183

Health Economics  

HIST 132

American Immigration  

HIST 133

Women in United States History  

HIST 136

American Environmental History  

INTL 174

Global Environmental Policy  

POLS 170

U.S. Foreign Policy  

SOCI 033


SOCI 111

Environment and Society  

SOCI 125

Sociology of Health and Illness  

SOCI 161

Urban Society  

Note: 1) 16 units must be completed at Pacific.

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