In a typical year almost all graduate students in psychology receive a substantial amount of financial aid, which includes the remission of a substantial portion of your tuition costs plus a stipend for performing a job (e.g., teaching assistant, traineeship in departmental treatment programs for individuals diagnosed with mental illness or developmental disabilities).

You may assume graduate students take 15-16 units a semester, as undergraduates do. However, graduate students in psychology take only 6 to 8 units per semester.

For example, for the 2018-2019 academic year, the total tuition for graduate students taking 16 units (8 per semester) was $24,048 ($1,528/unit), but tuition remission covered 100% of the tuition costs.

During the second year of study, graduate students take 7 units per semester. Tuition remission will reduce these costs by 75% or more for most students.  During the past five years, we have covered 100% of students' tuition during their second year of study.

Note: Like most U.S. universities, Pacific’s Board of Regents sets tuition each year. The board tries to keep increases as low as possible. In recent years, increases have averaged about 3 percent per year—less than most of our peers. Note that tuition and increases can vary between programs to meet specific needs.