All student newspapers fully online

a page of the Pacific Lampoon newspaper

By Mike Wurtz, Head of Holt-Atherton Special Collections and Archives

Whether you remember the Pacifican or the Pacific Weekly or you are between 135 and 170 years old and remember the Pacific Pharos, The Tiger, The Epoch, The Hatchet or Workaday World, the Archives at Pacific has you covered. We recently scanned and posted every student newspaper in the archives from 1885 to present. Each issue is full-text searchable, so if you want to know about rutabagas you can find them! (Page 4 of the April 8, 1993 paper has a story about why a KPAC DJ played Tom Jones every Wednesday evening at 11 p.m. We’ll let you figure out what rutabagas have to do with that.) We would share more stories here, but they are all online for your own exploration and discovery.

The Archives has also scanned all the major history books about Pacific, all of the Pacific Review/Magazines and all the football programs, and we are adding more and more catalogs and yearbooks. We are in the midst of a donor-driven project to add material about Raymond College. You can also find video (some football games, a teeter-totter marathon from 1957 and an interview between Walter Cronkite and Donald DeRosa), interviews with emeriti faculty and hundreds of photographs. If you are looking for more recent information about the university in general, we have links to historic web pages and other internet content. It can all be found at

There is more to discover in the Holt-Atherton Special Collections and Archives where over a thousand historic collections—from John Muir to Japanese American Internment during World War II, and more university archives—can be found. If you want help navigating your history, drop us an email at or give us a call!