ASuop finding new ways to communicate and connect with students


The Associated Students of University of the Pacific (ASuop), the governing student body, is transforming the way it communicates with a new biweekly newsletter and streamlined social media accounts. The digital newsletter, found on Instagram, will highlight activities from the previous two weeks and preview future events.

On social media, ASuop is moving from multiple accounts for each of its departments into one account on four social media platforms: FacebookInstagram, Tik Tok and Twitter (the latter two are still being created.) 

“With the separated accounts before, it was easy to share one lane of information about ASuop, and we want students to really understand everything that we do,” explained Scout Cooper-Wilson ’22, president of ASuop.

“We’re really trying to unify the organization to serve students the best we can,” adds Vice President Tierra Smithson ’22.

Improving the flow of information was one of Cooper-Wilson’s priorities when she was elected resident. She wants to ensure students know about available resources.

“We have a lot of power as an organization because of the connections we have with administration as well as faculty and staff,” Cooper-Wilson said. “If students are experiencing issues with any part of their experience at Pacific, we're able to get them in contact with different people or continue to advocate for them and amplify their voices.”

When students in Greek housing were struggling to find parking because of the COVID testing clinic being located nearby, she connected them with campus staff who could help. Overnight, the site was redesigned and 100 new parking spots made available.

She cites the example as one small way ASuop can make a difference in students’ campus experience. Funding is another way.

“We have funding to send students to conferences, or the campus improvement fund where students can tell us their ideas and we have funds to support them,” said Smithson.

They’re also using new communication tools to promote areas of focus, including new diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

ASuop created a DEI cinema series for spring semester with films playing most Sundays at the Janet Leigh Theatre.

“We put together a catalogue of films that represent various voices and also highlight certain groups for heritage months,” said Angel Zhong ’23, chair of ASuop’s Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “For Women's History Month (March) we have a women's film festival that features films by a diverse group of female filmmakers and the same for Black History Month.”

Information about each movie is updated weekly in posts on their Instagram page.

Cooper-Wilson wants the flow of information to move in both directions—from ASuop to students and vice versa. A student survey, expected to be emailed Feb. 22, will cover all aspects of the student experience, such as finances, mental health and DEI.

“I'm excited to be able to analyze that data and share it with different campus groups, the vice presidents, President Callahan, even the Board of Regents,” said Cooper-Wilson. “I noticed in meetings last semester when people would talk about student concerns, or even positive experiences, it was all very anecdotal.

“I'm hoping that this survey will provide that information and can be implemented annually so we’ll have consistent data on these topics.”