‘California needs you:’ Nearly 100 fellows inducted into College Corps

large group of students gathered in front of Faye Spanos Concert Hall

Nearly 100 Pacific students have answered the call to serve the community as part of the inaugural cohort of the state’s #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, a high-impact community service and experiential learning program. 

The fellows were inducted Aug. 19 on the Stockton Campus. 

Pacific is one of only four private universities in the state selected to participate in the historic program. 

“Pacific has a spirit and history of service that we recognize and appreciate,” said Josh Fryday, chief service officer for California. “As part of our pilot program in 2020, Pacific stepped up early to help us create this model around how to engage young people in serving their communities by helping them graduate from school on time.”

College Corps

Josh Fryday, California's chief service officer 

Pacific will receive up to $3.2 million over two years to support the students. Fellows who serve 450 hours with one of the program’s community partners will receive $10,000 towards their education.

“Every one of you chose to attend Pacific to pursue your educational goals because you want to change your life. But by being here today you are making a decision to not only change your life, but to impact the lives of those you are going to be coming in contact with,” Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln told fellows during the ceremony.

Stockton mayor Kevin Lincoln poses for a photo with two students.

Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln poses for a photo after students were sworn-in to the College Corps.

Students will serve in one of four areas: K-12 education, climate change, food insecurities and community health.

“The College Corps program already is attracting the kinds of students we want here at Pacific: bright, energetic, forward-thinking women and men who are passionate about learning and passionate about serving their communities,” said President Christopher Callahan. “I have no doubt that our College Corps fellows will continue to make a difference over the course of the next few years.”

Two College Corps fellows