Eberhardt alumnus adding cider touch to Homecoming @ Home

Adam Chinchiolo

Adam Chinchiolo ’05 at the Far West Cider Co. facility in Richmond.

You Guava Be Kidding Me.

Pie Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Those are two of the creative names of ciders produced by Far West Cider Co., a Bay Area beverage company run by an Eberhardt School of Business alumnus who will play a key role in University of the Pacific’s Homecoming @ Home in October.

Adam Chinchiolo ’05 is part of a fourth-generation San Joaquin County farming family. After working 10 years for advertising agencies following graduation, he “caught the cider bug” and formed Far West Cider Co. as a value-added component of the family agriculture business. Chinchiolo Family Farms near Ripon has grown fruit such as apples, cherries and pluots since the 1920s.

Chinchiolo and his sister, Andrea Chinchiolo, will be the featured guests for the popular Homecoming beverage tasting event “Proof that God Loves Us” at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9.

There will be two pivots this year: cider instead of craft beer and a virtual tasting party instead of the usual gathering at the Alex and Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House.

“It is quite a unique year, to be sure,” he said. “But we are very pleased to have been asked to be part of homecoming at my alma mater. We are shipping the ciders directly to people’s homes, and they will be able to take part virtually.”

A link to purchase cider and set up home delivery will be provided once you have registered for Homecoming @ Home. The three-cider bundle is enough for two people. Chinchiolo said the array will include a semi-dry cider, an almost fully dry (close to champagne) and the company’s signature pink guava cider.

“I think it will be a very nice mix, and I am looking forward to sharing the story of our business and our ciders,” he said.

Adam Chinchiolo carried on another family tradition as well—several family members, including his mother and a grandmother, also are Pacific alumni. After graduation, he went to work in advertising in the Bay Area and later took a position with an agency in Sydney, Australia.

“I continued to make beer as a hobby and I was very interested in fermented beverages,” he said. “I returned home (2015) with the thought of possibly getting into the family business. At the same time, cider was having a ‘moment’ and becoming very popular.

“It made so much sense to combine the family farming operation with a value-added business making and selling cider. It really has worked out well for us.”

Chinchiolo credits his Pacific education and experience for preparing him for a successful business career.

“One of the aspects that was very positive for me was how I was urged to have a well-rounded education,” he said. “Many of the business courses, such as accounting, have been very critical in my business work. I also was encouraged to take elective classes that broadened my perspective. It will be a pleasure to be part of this special homecoming.”

The Proof that God Loves Us event was started in 2014 by Pacific’s former Dean of Religious Life and University Multifaith Chaplain Joel N. Lohr. It has been one of the popular Homecoming staples ever since. After Lohr’s departure, the event has been led by Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and Multifaith Chaplain Laura Steed.

Lohr always added a sentiment on the handout for the evening: “My hope is that you might enjoy some tasty craft beers, learn something about the farming, production, and artisanship of beer making, and—most importantly—experience something truly wonderful with others.”

Steed expects Pacificans to embrace the event’s changes.

“It has been an honor to continue the Proof that God Loves Us tradition that Dr. Lohr established,” Steed said. “After six years of focusing on beer, I wanted to introduce and highlight a different craft—cider. I’m looking forward to the conversations at the event to learn more about how cider is made and why many choose cider over beer.

“As for the virtual gathering this year, I think it is marvelous. We are not letting the pandemic interfere with this annual event. We hope you can join us for the conversation and taste from the comfort and safety of your home.”

Far West Cider Co. can be contacted at

The company also has Instagram and Facebook pages.