Eberhardt School of Business creates new experiential academic programs

Eberhardt School of Business

Eberhardt's new Master of Science in Business Analytics and Master of Science in Finance programs are set to begin in fall 2021

University of the Pacific has expanded its education opportunities for future business leaders by creating two new programs in the Eberhardt School of Business.

Eberhardt's new Master of Science in Business Analytics and Master of Science in Finance programs are set to begin in fall 2021. Both will be housed on the Stockton Campus and will be offered in a hybrid of online and classroom learning.

“We are excited to expand our academic programs and provide outstanding preparation for some of the best jobs in the analytics and finance industries,” said Tim Carroll, dean of Pacific's Eberhardt School of Business. “Each program will present students with experiential learning opportunities that will give them the hands-on experience for professional success with top employers.”

Recently, Poets & Quants, which covers and analyzes business education at U.S. universities, ranked the Eberhardt School of Business No. 1 in the West – and No. 10 nationally – among business schools based at universities with 7,000 or fewer students.

“The Eberhardt School of Business has always focused on top-flight academic programs that provide students with hands-on learning experiences,” said Pacific Regent Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt, vice president of retail banking and a director at the Bank of Stockton. “These new programs, designed to respond to the evolving business needs for analytics, makes them a fantastic add for current students who will be even more deeply prepared as they enter the real business world.”

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics degree is a nine-month accelerated program with a required internship. The program will prepare students from various academic fields to expand their careers in business analytics in regionally‐important industries. Students will learn to harness the information data provides and use insights to strategically improve business operations and managerial decision‐making.

“The ability to use data effectively and efficiently will be an essential skill for future business leaders regardless of their industry or functions,” said Albert Huang, Pacific professor of business analytics. “Our program will prepare students to make decisions based on data, which will allow them to become better managers or entrepreneurs.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for professionals who hold a master’s degree in business analytics are projected to grow by 11% by 2026. Annual earning potential in these fields is also significant: the median annual wage for these professionals will be $85,660, with top earners making $167,420 per year.

Visit Pacific’s new Master of Science in Business Analytics website to learn more.

Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance degree is designed to prepare students from the fields of business, economics and mathematics for careers in the financial analysis industry. It will be offered both as a master’s program for students already holding a bachelor’s degree and as an accelerated five-year, dual-degree program for Pacific undergraduate students majoring in finance, economics and applied mathematics.

Curriculum for the MSF program will be tailored to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, to help students prepare for the professional certificate while pursuing the degree. As the Financial Times notes, a CFA is now considered ‘the gold standard’ of Wall Street qualifications due to its rigor and CFA charter holders are employed in a wide range of industries and positions, such as certified public accountants.

“This program will provide students hands-on investment and trading experience through managing a $3.2 million student investment fund,” said Wenjing Ouyang, Pacific associate professor of finance. “Our talented faculty will prepare students for professional success using Eberhardt's vast professional network to connect them with top employers in the finance industry.”

One of the distinguished programs of the Eberhardt School of Business, the Student Investment Fund was established in 2007 with a generous $1 million gift from Bank of Stockton President and CEO Douglass Eberhardt. The program provides students with a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world experience in the U.S. stock market by managing an investment portfolio currently approaching $3.2 million. Only 200 out of the 9,000 business schools worldwide operate this type of fund.

Visit Pacific’s new Master of Science in Finance website to learn more.