Get to know ASuop president Angel Zhong

Supreme Court Justice. Senator. Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Guiying (Angel) Zhong ’23 has filled many roles with Pacific’s governing student body, Associated Students of University of the Pacific (ASuop).

Now a senior, the psychology and English major is leading the group as its president. 

ASuop works closely with the Division of Student Life and other university leaders to advocate for students. It has three branches—executive, legislative and judicial—that work together to ensure students’ voices are heard and provide valuable services.

Student organizations can receive funding each semester from ASuop and students can request money for experiential learning opportunities, such as going abroad or attending professional meetings and conferences.

Its arts and entertainment board plans a comprehensive calendar of social events and activities throughout the year.

Watch the video to learn what ASuop hopes to accomplish this year, the most impactful advice Zhong has received from a professor and the best part of being at Pacific.

Angel’s Favorites:

Books: “She Who Became the Sun” by Shelley Parker-Chan and “The Neapolitan Quartet” series by Elena Ferrante

TV show: “Fleabag”

Movies: “Pride and Prejudice” (2005) and “Howl's Moving Castle”

Food: Fried tofu

Place to go on campus: Library stacks

Place to go off campus: Poppy Coffee, The Whimsy Market

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