Leading a global leader

Nora Klug

Nora Klug ’01 is Group General Counsel for Bosch Global 

Nora Klug, McGeorge LL.M. ’01, has been kicked upstairs, moving up the corporate ladder, to take over as Group General Counsel for Bosch Global. The new role has her leading the legal department of global company that ranks 95on the Fortune Global 500 and employs nearly 400,000 people.

“It’s listen and learn, then craft the strategic legal roadmap for the next few years” said Klug, describing how the job has been during the first few months. “And while you can never replace an in-person meeting or in-person event with something online, we’re very tech savvy now, so it is easier to team build digitally.”

The new position brings new challenges, in addition to the COVID-19-imposed online team-building, but those are challenges that Klug feels prepared to conquer. “My education at McGeorge helped me develop a very good perspective on how to solve legal problems. It helped me realize you can never limit your perspective to just one jurisdiction, one isolated problem. Everything is linked and intertwined.”

And new challenges also mean new opportunities to engage in some of the most gratifying aspects of a career working in house at international organizations. “Working in an international network has always been paramount to me,” Klug said, “It’s part of why I went in house so soon. I wanted to be part of a community.”

Working in house at Bosch goes beyond just providing a sense of community. It also allows Klug to pursue her professional passions. “I like the entrepreneurial responsibility of being in house – constantly developing the legal function. I like organizations and I like to build things. I like what happens when people have a good collaboration model. And those things need to be constantly refined and developed.”

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