March 2023 Community Letter: Celebrating Women's History Month

Mary J. Lomax-Ghirarduzzi

March 2023

Dear Pacificans,

As a leader, I envision a world where equality for women, girls and nonbinary people is woven into every fabric of our culture and society. March is Women’s History Month. In line with this year’s national theme “Celebrating women who tell their stories,” Pacific is uplifting the stories and leadership of women, girls and nonbinary people who are change makers making a difference.

There are many things we do that promote a gender-inclusive and gender-equitable society. When we use inclusive language by offering our pronouns, we promote gender inclusion (e.g., my pronouns are she, her, and hers). In our daily communication at school and in the workplace, we can avoid gendered nouns when describing people who may be of any gender such as: you guys, ladies and gentlemen, chairman, congressman, and freshman. 

To be gender-inclusive, we can use nouns to describe people who may be of any gender such as: everyone, folks, friends, loved ones, distinguished guests, chair or chairperson, congressperson, or member of congress and first-year student or first year.

The gender pay gap has remained stagnant in the United States for the last two decades with working women earning 82% of what men earn (twenty years ago, women earned 80% of what men earned). Yet employed women have the same pressures to support their families financially and to be successful in their jobs and careers as their male counterparts. 

Gender equity ensures fairness to all people. To ensure fairness though, strategies and measures must be considered to compensate for the historical and social disadvantages that have prevented women from operating on a level playing field. Gender inclusion and gender equity lead to gender equality.

Women’s History Month Highlights
Women’s History Month with Dr. Sarah Webb | March 2
McGeorge School of Law Women’s History Month Faculty Panel | March 7
Women's Empowerment Conference | March 25
Women of Distinction Awards | March 25
Janet Leigh Film Fest by ASuop DEI | March 3112431 at 8:00pm

My hope is that you enjoy and learn from the stories of women and nonbinary people who inspire us to work for gender equality.


Mary J. Lomax-Ghirarduzzi
Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Professor of Communication