Pacific alumni working to unite communities through music

Marselus Cayton '14 and Joseph Quijano '13

Marselus Cayton '14 and Joseph Quijano '13 created Plural Music, LLC

Marselus Cayton '14 and Joseph Quijano '13 cultivated their entrepreneurial spirit during their time at University of the Pacific, using a passion for music and the hobby of being a DJ and turning it into something bigger by launching Plural Music, LLC.

"We were lucky enough to be hired by Pacific and various student organizations to put on events throughout campus," Quijano said. "After less than a year, we became the go-to DJ & Production Company on campus."

In addition to its work at the university, Plural Music planned music-related events for youth in the local community. A turning point came when they were recognized by Anthony Silva, then Mayor of Stockton, for their contributions to Stockton’s youth during a town hall meeting.

"These two young men are very important to our community because they are promoting positive activities for the youth of Stockton," Silva said at the town hall meeting. "I appreciate their efforts on planning positive and fun events for our community.”

Today, Plural Music has grown into an independent record label, live production company and collective of music lovers. The business is a platform for artists to create, collaborate on, release, and perform their music. From team members in Oakland to San Diego, artists in Boston to Detroit, DJs in San Jose to Los Angeles, and familia música in Spain and the Philippines, Plural Music is establishing its roots around the globe.

Quijano credits Pacific's business administration arts and entertainment program for giving the duo an inside look into the music industry and the opportunity to learn from industry insiders.

"Through Pacific's arts and entertainment program, I received incredible mentorship which played a huge role in helping kick start my career in the music industry," Quijano said. "Some of my favorite classes were 'How to Start an Independent Record Label' and 'Concert Production' and I have carried a lot of what I learned in those classes into our work."

This year, Plural Music has had to find ways to stay relevant and continue its work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since music venues and live events are shut down, the team has shifted its focus to live streaming and social justice driven fundraising events. Recently, the team launched Spin4Change, a nonprofit music event for local DJs and artists.

“We wanted to provide a platform for our DJs and artists to give back to their communities and enact positive change,” explained Quijano. “Ultimately, we are trying to bring people together through music.”

To learn more about Plural Music and their live streaming events visit its website.