UOPI English Language Institute earns five-year accreditation in first attempt

Student at UOP International's Fall 2017 Progression Ceremony.

A student celebrating during a UOP International's fall progression ceremony.

The University of the Pacific International English Language Institute (ELI) has earned a five-year accreditation by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), a significant accomplishment it earned on the first attempt.

The CEA is the most recognized accrediting agency in the field of English language teaching in higher education and oversees a rigorous three-year initial accreditation process.

The granting of a five-year accreditation to the UOPI’s English Language Institute (ELI) confirms the program’s high quality in 44 individual standards across 11 areas for English language program implementation and delivery, according to Jennifer Schnetter, managing director of UOP International. The CEA accreditation is a symbol of UOPI’s commitment to the ongoing assessment of these standards and is an influential factor in attracting international students, including welcoming international students who may be permitted to attend only accredited programs due to stipulations of a sponsorship.

“It is very rare for young programs like UOPI ELI, which welcomed its first cohort in January 2017, to receive the full five-year accreditation on the first attempt,” Schnetter said. “In fact, most programs, and especially young ones, are often required to adjust some aspects of programing only to be granted a one-year provisionary accreditation with an additional repeat of the review process. We are very proud of our entire team at UOPI and believe that our full accreditation on first attempt truly demonstrates the level of quality in English language programming that we are offering international students at Pacific.”

The CEA reviews programs or institution to determine if it provides the student services and programs described in its materials; is student-centered; provides a program that supports its mission; and has the resources, fiscal and human, to assure that students are well served. The CEA determined that UOPI English Language Institute meets these requirements and commends the program for its achievement, the CEA stated.

“I chose Pacific to study as an engineer because this school has a really good reputation as well as faculty and facilities,” said Quoc Anh Tran, a UOPI student from Vietnam. “UOPI has helped me a lot by creating English classes and allowing me to overcome my English barrier.”

UOPI ELI was designed and implemented to provide a rigorous, student-centered English language education experience to fully prepare students for success in their university studies. To date, 152 international students have completed the ELI program and have earned an average GPA of 3.02.

“International students attending the ELI can be confident that they are receiving a high-quality English language education in a welcoming environment for both learning and living in a new culture,” Schnetter said.