Permits are required for all parking on the Pacific campus. All users of parking facilities agree to abide the university's Parking Permit Terms and Conditions and to obey all Parking and Traffic Regulations. Parking is enforced by the Department of Public Safety. Faculty, staff and student parking on campus requires a permit. Parking lots are identified by zone. Vehicles may only park in lots corresponding to their permit. At the beginning of each fall semester, faculty, staff, and students can buy Stockton campus parking permits. Yearly permits are sold at the beginning of each academic year and are good from August through the following August.  Permits can also be purchased by the semester and month. Permits are based on the vehicle license plate only. No physical permit are provided.

Visitor Parking

Visitors to the campus between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays must purchase temporary parking for their vehicle. There are signs in every parking lot explaining how to purchase hourly or daily parking.  The only exception to this are the reserved parking places for admissions guests.  Persons parking here must be registered with the admissions office as a guest.  They can do this by contacting the admissions representative located at the base of Burns Tower. 

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Sworn Public Safety officers patrol the campus parking lots regularly. Illegally parked vehicles are cited. If you believe you received a citation in error, please see the Citation Appeal Policies and Procedures on the reverse side of the citation.