If you have group work requiring you to connect with other students outside of class, here are resources to help you do that: 

  1. The Canvas Guide for Students includes functionality students can access within their course to facilitate collaborations.
  2. In particular collaborations within the Canvas guide include how to use: 
    1. Google Docs as a collaboration tool
    2. Microsoft Office 365 as a collaboration tool
  3. Students can also access Skype, a free communications tool that can be used for video chats and voice calls, within Canvas as well.
  4. Students can also collaborate on digital whiteboards:
    • Zoom has built-in whiteboard collaboration tools
    • Google Jamboard
      • Limited tools (pencil, eraser, post-its, upload image, laser pointer)
      • Unlimited whiteboards
    • Microsoft Whiteboard
      • Variety of tools
      • Integration with Microsoft Teams
      • Unlimited whiteboards
    • A Web Whiteboard (AWW)
      • Limited tools (pencil, eraser, post-its, shapes, text boxes, arrows, file upload [JPEG, PDF, PPT], built-in chat box)
      • Limited whiteboards (3) after two week free trial
    • Explain Everything Whiteboard
      • Free, up to 3 projects
      • Variety of tools
      • Audio support
      • Option to record interaction on the Whiteboard
      • Participants can be invited through email