Dr. Balint Sztaray is a professor of chemistry in the College of the Pacific and director of the Pacific Summer High School Institute. Dr. Sztaray has served in numerous roles during his 14 years at Pacific, including founding Director of the Freshman Honors Program, Faculty Athletic Representative and University Marshal. He comes from a family of educators and holds his MS and PhD degrees in chemistry from Eotvos Lorand University, the leading research university in Hungary.

Dr. Sztaray’s research area is in gas-phase physical chemistry / chemical physics; using photoionization methods to study the energetics and dissociation mechanisms of small molecules and reactive intermediates. He has published around 90 peer-reviewed articles.

Direct: (209) 946-2654
Pacific High School Institute: (209) 932-3263
Email: pacifichsinstitute@pacific.edu

Balint Sztaray