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2-week pre-college summer program

Classes taught by Pacific professors

Organized after-school activities

What our students are saying

"The summer institute really helped me become more independent and learn how to take responsibility for myself. I made some lifelong friends and am very happy I attended. I also learned how to become a better person in general through meeting so many new people."

- Ileana, Competitive Debate

"It was a wonderful experience as an upcoming high school freshman and makes me want to do my best so I can be a UOP student in the near future. My uncles have both attended this same university and I want to follow in their footsteps. The whole entire experience was wonderful. Made new friends, learned so much in the programs."

- Mariana, Future Pharmacists

"The Summer Institute was a really fun experience that you can't get anywhere else. It is good to have an idea of how college life will be a little early so you won't have to be nervous about how it will be when you actually go to college."

- Alexis, Finding a Cure for Cancer

"I was part of the Curing Cancer cohort, and I really loved how Dr. Pantouris, TAs Chris, Jasmine, and Andrew made sure to give students hands-on experience of working in a biochemistry lab. I loved how this allowed us to actually take a part in culturing and killing cancer cells, make protein crystals, and extract DNA. Thank you for the wonderful program."

- Jeonghyun, Finding a Cure for Cancer