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The Pacific baseball overnight camp is an exciting opportunity to learn and train with members of the University of the Pacific baseball coaching staff for an in-depth two-week experience. The camp will be held on Pacific’s campus, utilizing a multitude of athletic facilities including the Klein Family Field. Camp will highlight daily position-specific training sessions related to pitching, hitting and positional defense. Campers will participate in full camp/team practices and live game competitions throughout the course of two weeks. Camp will also provide daily classroom sessions, covering baseball 101 topics and introducing the ever-important analytical side of the game. The intention of this camp is to provide each camper with a direct experience of how to train like a D1 college baseball player on a day–in, day–out basis. This camp will solidify and improve each camper's foundational skill and ability, and their detailed knowledge of the game of baseball.


At the Pacific baseball overnight camp, campers will learn and train in position-specific drills and training sessions. Specific areas of focus will hone on feet, glove and throw skills related to INF and OF defense. Catchers will be introduced to proper receiving, blocking and throwing mechanics in a variety of settings and drills.  

The camp will work on a daily basis to introduce and develop current Tiger-hitting philosophies and drills. The offensive focus will be based on time, simplicity of swing action and swing repeatability in both controlled and variable environments. Overnight camp will also be structured off of daily throwing mechanics and pitching development. Campers will be introduced to proper pre- and post-throw programs, arm care, arm maintenance and how they relate to competing on the mound and in the field. 

Planned Topics

The camp will be structured in three facets on a daily basis: training skill, competition and training the brain. The program will consist of skill sessions, both defensive and offensive; full camp/team practices; coach pitch scrimmages; live game competitions; bullpens and pitching dry work; baserunning techniques; and introductions to sport-specific strength and conditioning.

For the duration of camp, campers will participate in daily classroom settings. Topics introduced and discussed will include baseball 101 sessions, skill-specific sessions, and an introduction to current baseball analytics. The analytical sessions are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young developing player to more intricately develop individual knowledge of the game. In the analytical sessions, campers will learn to analyze and break down videos from a micro viewpoint to determine tips and tells. Campers will also learn to develop scouting reports, how to consolidate complex baseball data into simple forms of communication and how to further implement this knowledge into improved on-field production.

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Chris Rodriguez
Staff Lead
Chris Rodriguez

Head Baseball Coach

Masters in Sports Coaching, United States Sports Academy, 2009

Chris Rodriguez is entering his 3 year as head coach for the University of the Pacific Tigers. Coach Rodriguez has been coaching at the college level for 17 years. Coach Rodriguez played professional as a catcher in the Colorado Rockies organization and has aided more than 60 players signing with professional teams.

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