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Students in this two-week Coding Camp will get a broad introduction to coding presented by the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Python, one of the most popular and powerful high-level programming languages in the industry, will be presented and used by students to problem-solve and in competition.


Developing algorithmic and computational thinking as the main building block of any computer program is the focus of the first part of the presentations. Students will then develop the skills needed to design and code a solution to a proposed problem. Students will practice and then showcase what they have learned in fun coding competitions with fellow students.

Student coding
Planned Topics

Course topics will likely include:

  • Algorithmic and computational thinking
  • Variables
  • Flow control structures
  • Functions and parameter passing
  • Arrays
Houman Kamran Habibkhani
Faculty Lead
Houman Kamran Habibkhani

Assistant Professor of Practice

PhD in Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2018

Houman Kamran has more than 15 years of academic and industrial experience in computer science and engineering. His research interests include image and video processing, computational photography, machine learning and pattern recognition.

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