Creating Media: Create and Showcase Content

Pacific's Department of Art, Media, Performance, and Design is offering a Creating Media Camp. In this two-week course, students will gain the knowledge and skill sets to create captivating 3D visual effects videos for social media (Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube). Students will develop their cinematic aesthetics and storytelling through on-location observation and understanding cinematography and 3D visual effect. We will engage in practical on-field production practices and workflow applied in the film industry and use gear and technology currently used in the entertainment industry at large. At the end of the workshop, you will produce a 30-second 3D visual effects video showreel designed for social media. Students will present and showcase their videos at the X-Space.

Media X Students

Students will understand and apply professional 3D cinematography and media design techniques to produce entertainment content for advertising and social media. They will gain exposure to professional film and design language and media practices, and work in a collaborative and dynamic creative environment.

Students will also learn relevant topics such as producing content for the entertainment industry, 3D filmmaking and cinematic lighting, film editing, color grading, CGI compositing and sound design. Students will discuss and analyze emerging trends in advertising and storytelling for social media and gain insights and knowledge in working with clients in the film, advertising, and entertainment industry.

Planned Topics

Course topics will likely include:

  • Using DSLR cameras
  • Cinematic language
  • Location scouting techniques
  • Video editing techniques
  • 3D design and visual effects

Required in-class material(s) for students:

  • USB drive (64 GB min.) to backup your work
  • Notebook for note-taking
  • DSLR Camera (faculty or personal)
  • Highly recommended: Wacom digital drawing tablet
X Space
Gabriel Teo
Faculty Lead

Gabriel Teo, instructor in the Department of Art, Media, Performance and Design, will serve as the primary contact for this program. Teo teaches 3D animation, cinematography, visual effects, advertising graphic design, and digital media technology at Pacific. Originally from Singapore, Teo has worked with studio executives and artists based in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York to develop and lead the CGI program, which is fully accredited by the New Zealand government.