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Play like a Pro

The Eberhardt School of Business eSports Camp is a two-week program that will provide students an interactive, play-based experience in eSports. Students will develop individual and team skills for game play, receive analysis of game play and one-on-one assistance and coaching and learn about professions in the broad esports industry. The program concludes with a live play match.


eSports-focused presentations will include current Eberhardt School of Business staff and students, with guest presentations by noted experts in the esports realm. Students will be able to build their capabilities in the Eberhardt School’s Computer Lab, which will be converted to a multi-player gaming lab. Students will attend and participate in four daily sessions: two in the morning and two in the afternoon following lunch.

eSports program students
Planned Topics

Course topics will likely include:

  • eSports industry history, scope and scale
  • IT-related skills for gamers
  • Group- and individual-play assessment
  • Communication and teamwork skill development
  • Game strategy and assessment
  • Physical play to improve eSports play
  • Job opportunities in the industry
  • Tournament and streaming preparation
Lewis R. Gale
Faculty Lead
Lewis Gale

Professor of Business

PhD in Economics, Arizona State University, 1994
MS in Economics, Arizona State University, 1994
BA in Economics, California State University-Fresno, 1989

Professor Gale has taught in business schools for 30 years, including courses in economics, finance and business analytics. He has published academic and practitioner research in peer-reviewed journals and also serves as the Chair of the San Joaquin Partnership, which recruits and retains businesses in San Joaquin County.

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