Entrepreneurship & Technology Design: Accelerate your Enterprise

Presented by Pacific’s School of Engineering and Computer Science and Eberhardt School of Business, this technology camp will introduce students to technological innovation in commercial organizations with a focus on new product and service development. During the two-week program, students will receive a foundation in design, innovation and entrepreneurship to demonstrate creative thinking through presentation of a variety of concepts.

students working together

Faculty- and technician-led presentations and labs will engage students in problem-based learning. Students will be able to develop science/engineering-based innovations that are scalable, commercially promising and have a positive impact on society and/or the environment.

Planned Topics

Course topics will likely include:

  • Opportunity Pitch
  • Customer Needs
  • Mini-project Sketch and Storyboarding
  • Kickstarter Video
  • Foam Prototype and CAD Modeling
  • Industry Analysis, Competitive Advantage
  • Financial Forecast
  • Milestones and Ask
  • Business Plan
  • Design Fair Prep and Deliverables
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo
students collaborating
Mehdi Khazaeli
Faculty Lead

Mehdi Khazaeli is an Associate Professor in School of Engineering and Computer Science and affiliated in Eberhardt School of Business. He also serves as Director of Pacific’s Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Program. He teaches courses in Design and Innovation, Decision Making and Data Analytics. He has consulted with and/or taught seminars to a variety of clients in R&D-based industries, venture capital, research organizations and educational institutions.