McGeorge offers the innovative and versatile Master of Science in Law (MSL) to professionals who seek the benefits of advanced training in legal reasoning and analysis but who do not require the JD degree for their career plans. The degree enhances many professions and is ideal for business executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, human resource and other professionals in today's economy. With so many businesses and industries being impacted by constantly changing laws and regulations, having knowledge and training in legal analysis can be advantageous in dealing with those everyday law-related issues. Our MSL program is designed to help professionals gain and apply the legal skills required to excel and advance in their careers.

The McGeorge Master of Science in Law

Business Law

With McGeorge School of Law's online master’s degree in Business Law, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to navigate complex legal challenges facing modern workplaces and get ahead in your career no matter your field.

Candra Jackson, a student at the McGeorge School of Law at the California State Capitol
Government Law & Policy

Built on the foundation of McGeorge's national-ranked program in public law and its renowned Capital Center for Law & Policy, this online MSL provides you with the opportunity to learn from experts in law, legislative process, regulation, and policymaking.


Health is a dynamic and evolving field of regulatory compliance, privacy and confidentiality, complex finance and business arrangements, and government policy. The McGeorge Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree program provides working healthcare professionals with the advanced training in legal reasoning and analysis required for advancement.

law students in classroom
Law Professor Rachael Salcido teaches class at the McGeorge School of Law
Human Resources

Today's human resources professionals need to master a complex set of laws and regulations governing employment relationships, conflict management, discrimination and workplace safety.

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Water & Environmental Law

McGeorge’s world-class Water & Environmental Law Program was the foundation for our online MSL in Water Environmental Law. This master’s degree will provide students with the opportunity to learn from our distinguished faculty and program team as well as various panels of experts who are focused on water and environmental law and the changing policies surrounding both.

Customizable Concentration

Built on the foundation of solid legal reasoning, McGeorge’s customizable MSL allows students to tailor their curriculum to match their area of interest and particular career goals.

Student Testimonials

"As an HR professional I've found the MSL program to be immediately relevant in my day-to-day business interactions. Obtaining my MSL has provided my organization with a leading edge in the effective management of employee relations matters." 
— Liz Lugo, MSL student and HR Manager, Airgas USA, LLC.

"I had considered going to law school, however there were parts of law school that I wouldn't utilize in my career as a lobbyist. The innovative MSL degree provides the legal reasoning and legal analysis that I need for my professional advancement." 
— Erin Norwood, MSL student and Senior VP Government Affairs, Norwood & Associates

"The legal reasoning skills I have learned have given me confidence and have benefited my clients. I have taken on more responsibilities because my supervisor has recognized the additional skills in legal analysis that I have acquired in the MSL program." 
— John Wenger, MSL student and Legislative Aide, Sloat Higgins Jensen and Associates

Rigorous Legal Grounding

McGeorge faculty will work with each student to develop a customized curriculum with a rigorous legal grounding that is infused with real-world, practical examples, skills-based learning, and experiential opportunities. Students will also experience intense interaction and collaboration with a cohort of like-minded professionals who are seeking to increase their own skills. Finally, opportunities will be created for each student to put their new skills to work in California's capital city.

Building upon the long-standing expertise and the foundations for regular and substantial opportunities for interaction with classmates and McGeorge faculty, we are excited to announce the creation of three online degree programs launching in Fall 2019. These degrees will allow individuals to maximize flexibility; pursuing professional and personal commitments while simultaneously enjoying a high-quality academic experience.

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