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Take your passion to the next level by adding a Media X minor to your Pacific degree. Media X is a unique program that prepares students to become media makers, communicators and digital storytellers—skills that are crucial to success in an increasingly innovative society.

Why Media X?
Get Noticed

Modern companies value savvy creators who can present their topics across multiple media platforms. Whether you’re a health, science, business or humanities major, adding a Media X minor will increase your marketability and raise your profile.

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“Media X is a great addition to any major, diving into the world of digital storytelling.”

Minor Requirements

Students take a minimum of 20 units using the course requisites below. Students may count no more than one course from their major department towards the requirements for the minor. Students may take additional electives based on their interest to reach or exceed 20 units. 

  • One Digital Tools / Technology required course 
  • One Media Literacies required course 
  • One Media Storytelling required course 
  • Two additional elective courses 

Learning Objectives

  1. Synthesize and apply knowledge from the liberal arts to produce culturally relevant, effective content. 
  2. Adapt and translate content across multiple media platforms using historical, theoretical, and technical knowledge to make and defend creative decisions. 
  3. Exercise self-initiative and project management techniques congruent with a field characterized by high levels of autonomy, independence, interdependence, and entrepreneurship.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of expected and alternative forms of collaboration in the professional media industries when creating and executing collaborative projects. 
Digital Delta Project
Little Manila Recreated

A team of Pacific students, faculty and staff from the history department, computer science department and the library created a virtual reality museum exhibit that digitally reconstructed the now-demolished Little Manila neighborhood in Stockton. The project used historical research and interviews and forged ties between past and present immigrants while historicizing the effects of immigration policies and city planning decisions on community cohesion. 

Professor Joshua Salyers
Faculty Highlight
Joshua Salyers

Professor Salyers combines his research and passion for history with advanced technology to create immersive experiences, history-based games, virtual and augmented reality projects and digital stories. 

"It's important to give students experience working on an interdisciplinary, collaborative project in a professional setting. It's a real-world skill they should have."

Pacific 360º
Innovation Spaces

Tour our recently renovated library and experience the innovation center where you can research, create and exhibit, all in one place. The tour was featured in our Pacific 360° interactive event. 

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Media X
Media X Minor

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