Pacific's theatre arts minor program features training in on-stage and backstage aspects of theatre, as well as performance and design courses for on-camera work. You can take courses from acting for stage and screen, to various design and tech (theater technology) courses, dramatic literature, theatre history and career management.

Performance capture
Theatre and Tech

You can take Introduction to Performance Capture, taught by actor, director and professor, Gary Armagnac. Using performance capture sensors and cameras, movie technicians record an actor's performance and then use it to create an animated version of the actor.

In Armagnac's Media X course, you will learn basic staging for the camera and shot selection. You will also have an opportunity to perform on camera wearing the performance capture gear. There is also a unit on stage combat.

Professional Opportunities
Livermore Shakespeare Festival

Media X professor Lisa Tromovitch founded and runs the Livermore Shakespeare Festival, a Northern California cultural mainstay and a source of valuable experience for Pacific students.

History of theatre
Theatre appreciation

Theatre arts minors learn the background and history of theatre companies as well as how to critique and appreciate art from Professor Macelle Mahala, who specializes in the history of African-American theatre.

Costume shop
Costumes and wardrobe

Performance art at Pacific has changed, but the university's costume stock, which dates back decades, remains an invaluable resource and is overseen by Professor Cathie McClellan.

Degree Offered

Minor in Theatre Arts