Muir Symposium; people are mingling and talking as students present their research
Pacific Examines and Presents John Muir

Since 1980, Pacific has hosted the Muir Symposium to explore and examine John Muir, the early Conservation Movement, and the Environmental Movement. The event has focused on Muir and the environment with topics such as: his friends and family, him as a naturalist and scientist, his practical ways, his perspectives on peoples and parks, and his legacy. Carolyn Finney, Donald Worster, Andrea Wulf, and Royal Robbins have presented. Meals tailored to the theme or Muir are provided, as well as field trips and receptions at important sites.

In the Classroom

HIST 052 - John Muir’s World: The Origins of the Conservation Movement

John Muir (1838-1914) is considered by many as the "father" of the modern Conversation Movement. This course traces his life, his conservation crusades, and his global legacy. Home of the John Muir Papers, University of the Pacific's Library is used by all students in the course for research on an aspect of John Muir's contributions to conservation. Field trips to the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez and to Yosemite National Park are often a part of this course.

Other courses in history, English, geology, environmental science, biology, botany, engineering, and international studies offer seminars on Muir in their classes. There are also opportunities for internships and practicums.

participants of the John Muir Symposium travelled to Yosemite National Park. Large trees surround the students while a John Muir reenactor provides the history of the area.