We're here to help you succeed

There are a variety of resources to help new students become acclimated to life at Pacific. Students have access to several resources to assist with academic success, including:

All COP students are paired with a specific faculty advisor for a personalized mentoring experience through which faculty guide students to explore their intellectual interests, learn the requirements for degree completion and discuss life after graduation.
Students first meet with their faculty advisor during summer orientation, before their first semester at Pacific, and meet at least once a semester, but usually more frequently throughout the rest of their time at COP.  Faculty advisors are usually from the student’s chosen major, and are the first point of contact to answer major-specific questions and to assist students with exploring their post-graduate and career interests.  

Faculty advisors assist students with:

  • Connecting their academic, life and career goals
  • Selecting classes and understanding degree requirements
  • Developing a realistic educational plan and monitoring academic progress in DegreeWorks
  • Incorporating out-of-class opportunities that support their career goals
  • Connecting with campus resources 

Academic coaches support students in their academic, personal and career goals. They work towards helping students maximize their educational experience by providing check-ins and ongoing one-on-one coaching with students to support academic success. They serve as an advocate and support for students and may provide assistance with time management, study skills, motivation, adjusting to college, goal-setting, connection to other services on campus and more.

Coaches are assigned based on student major as follows:

Kendra Goossens
Email: kgoossens@pacific.edu
Office: WPC 149
Phone: 209.946.2906
Majors: Pre-Dent

To make an appointment with Kendra, use her Bookings page

Samira Henderson
Email: shenderson@pacific.edu
Office: WPC Annex 151-B
Phone: 209.932.337
Majors: Communications; Economics; Health and Exercise Sciences; History and Social Sciences; Political Science; School of International Studies; Sociology and Criminal Justice  

To make an appointment with Samira, use her Bookings page.

Nora Yan
Email: nyan@pacific.edu
Office: WPC Annex 151-C
Phone: 209.946.2854
Majors: Biology; Dental Hygiene; Exploratory; Geological and Environmental Sciences; Math; Physics

To make an appointment with Nora, use her Bookings page.

Carrie Hang
Email: chang@pacific.edu
Office: WPC Annex 151-A
Phone: 209.932.2373
Majors: Art, Media, Performance and Design; Chemistry; English; Modern Languages; Philosophy; Psychology 

To make an appointment with Carrie, use her Bookings page.

Eighmee Ferrill, the College's Academic Information Specialist, is responsible for working with faculty advisors to complete degree evaluations and maintain the academic files for each student in the College of the Pacific.

Eighmee is also involved in new student orientation, and she soon knows every student by name. She works closely with the Associate Dean when academic issues arise for a student, and she refers students to resource services as needed.

Contact Eighmee:
Office: WPC 113

Students are informed of important policies in their first semester seminars.

The Academic Affairs Office of the College provides friendly and accessible information about the rules and regulations students are expected to follow in the course of completing their degree requirements.

Faculty advisers as well as College deans assist first-year students in finding the help they need by providing information and referrals to support services on campus, such as tutoring, counseling and/or study skills courses.

More Resources

The Academic Calendar for Semester Programs applies to all programs in the College of the Pacific. 

The catalog includes information about courses, campus resources and student services, program descriptions, program requirements and information about policies and procedures.  It provides you with the information you will need to be a successful student.


Care Managers are dedicated to assisting Pacific students in meeting their academic goals and overcoming educational and personal challenges. As part of the Office of the Dean of Students', Care Managers are responsible for assisting students with academic, social, emotional, personal, and professional development. 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the University of the Pacific provides a broad range of therapeutic services including group therapy, individual, couples sessions, informal consultations, and online assisted therapy for students experiencing emotional distress, anxiety, depression, adjustment concerns, and/or more serious mental health issues.

Check out the video below to learn more about how to register for classes each semester and what programs and services Pacific uses to make this process more intuitive.

The final schedule is set up with three hours allotted for each final exam and given in the same testing location (room/modality) the course was taught unless the instructor has made other arrangements through the Office of the Registrar. The hours scheduled are 8:00-11:00 am, 12:00-3:00 pm, 3:00-6:00 pm, 5:00-8:00 pm, and 7:00-10:00 pm.

The General Academic Tutoring Center's tutors are sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students who have succeeded academically with a B+ or better in the class they are tutoring or have been recommended by their professors. They are here to help you succeed in college by providing on-going tutoring support. 

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) coordinates support for students with disabilities so they may participate fully in college life and derive the greatest benefit from their educational experiences.