An appreciation of the principles of chemistry is fundamental to understanding our daily lives and the future of our planet. Chemistry also serves as a foundation not only to industrial careers, but also to careers in the health sciences. The emphasis in all chemistry classes is to provide a thorough understanding of basic chemical concepts and to develop the competence in how to apply these concepts in a logical fashion to solve real world problems. Students can choose among a variety of degree programs designed to meet a range of career goals.

The BS Biochemistry program follows national guidelines and is aligned with pre-requisites for professional schools. In order to earn the bachelor of science degree with a major in chemistry, students must complete a minimum of 120 units with a Pacific cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.0. 

Minimum 80 units and 18 courses that includes:

CHEM 025 General Chemistry 5
CHEM 027 General Chemistry 5
CHEM 121 Organic Chemistry 5
CHEM 123 Organic Chemistry 5
CHEM 151 Biochemistry I 4
CHEM 153 Biochemistry II 3
CHEM 157 Biochemistry Laboratory 4
BIOL 051 Principles of Biology 5
BIOL 061 Principles of Biology 5
Select one of the following groups: 10

Group A


PHYS 023

General Physics I  

PHYS 025

General Physics II  

Group B


PHYS 053

Principles of Physics I  

PHYS 055

Principles of Physics II  
Select one of the following tracks:  
Conventional Track  
CHEM Electives (3 course above CHEM 123 excluding CHEM 132CHEM 134CHEM 151CHEM 153CHEM 157, and CHEM 195) 12
BIOL Electives: Select two of the following: 8

BIOL 170

Human Anatomy  

BIOL 180

Human Physiology  

BIOL 101


BIOL 122

Principles of Immunology  

BIOL 124

Cancer Biology  

BIOL 126


BIOL 145


BIOL 153

Cell Biology  
Math Courses: Select two of the following: 8

MATH 037

Introduction to Statistics and Probability  

MATH 041


MATH 051

Calculus I  

MATH 053

Calculus II  
ACS Accredited Track  
CHEM 141 Analytical Chemistry 4
CHEM 161 Physical Chemistry -Thermodynamics and Kinetics 4
CHEM 171 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 4
MATH 051 Calculus I 4
MATH 053 Calculus II 4
Select one of the following: 4

CHEM 167

Experimental Physical Chemistry  

CHEM 197

Independent Research  
Select one of the following: 5

BIOL 101


BIOL 145


BIOL 153

Cell Biology  

Note: 1) At least 4 of your major required courses must be taken at Pacific. 2) In addition, students are encouraged to complete at least one other course in biology and at least one semester of research.

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