Our Goals

Our department is engaged in understanding and promoting health and human movement. Our goal is to examine how movement-based physical activities, exercise, and sport contribute to the quality of human life. We do this from a wide range of perspectives including biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, business, education and philosophy to ensure that our graduates are able to conceptualize and analyze health and human movement in a holistic manner.

Experiential Learning

Exciting hands-on learning opportunities are available for you in our major and concentrations. These are non-classroom real-world experiences that integrate theory with practice. 

Three-Year Degree Option

You have the option to earn your bachelor’s degree in three years. Do your part to stay on track, and you could shave a year off your undergraduate work. That means significant savings on tuition and you get a jumpstart on your career.

overview video
Health and Exercise Sciences

In this video Professor Sharon West provides an overview of the Health and Exercise Sciences programs. She explains the options and answers questions about hands-on learning opportunities, academic advising and the kinds of careers the programs prepare you for.

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New Program
Human Performance

The Human Performance program is a new concentration in the Department of Health and Exercise Sciences. It will prepare you for careers in the fitness industry, coaching performance technology, wellness education, sports medicine and athletic performance. Courses provide foundational training in structural anatomy, physiology, nutrition and metabolism with internships and certifications in health coaching and personal training for job readiness.

Degrees Offered

BA in health and exercise sciences with health & exercise science concentration
BA in health and exercise sciences with human performance concentration
BS in health and exercise science
Minor in health and exercise sciences
MA in health and exercise sciences

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