Promoting health and human movement

The goal of the health and exercise sciences program is to examine how movement-based physical activities, exercise and sport contribute to the quality of human life. We do this from a wide range of perspectives including biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, business, education and philosophy to ensure that you are able to conceptualize and analyze health and human movement in a holistic manner.

Health and Exercise Sciences major Moghadass
Outstanding Student
Maddy Moghadass '23

For her future professional career, Maddy would like to become a physician assistant or an occupational therapist. She was excited to find Pacific’s HLTH program because the classes it offers and the hands-on experience she gets will help her realize her goals.

Success after Pacific
Melissa Cortes Trujillo

Melissa Trujillo’s '20 Pacific education gave her a strong foundation to pursue Duke University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Since she was in high school, Melissa is determined to be a physical therapist and serve the diverse population of the Central Valley. As a Spanish-speaker and a member of the LatinX community, she wants to diversify health care and become a role model for others who identify with her.

Pacific alumna Melissa Trujillo in scrubs

Core values

Our program features immersive learning experiences through assignments, speakers and field trips. You will go beyond the classroom through a variety of experiential learning opportunities and internships.  

We recognize we live in an ever-changing world, so the health and exercise sciences program prides itself on adopting, modeling and promoting innovative teaching/clinician practices as well as assessment strategies. Your coursework will include instruction about relevant technologies and, when possible, employ these technologies for assignments, development and assessment.

Knowledge, research and careers in health and exercise sciences draw from numerous disciplines. As a result, our program maintains a broad curriculum. This provides you with the knowledge needed to operate in a dynamic environment, exposes you to a variety of career possibilities in the field and ultimately enables you to become a more complete practitioner. 

Health and Exercise Sciences students
Where can HLTH take you?
Career possibilities
  • Professional athletic trainer
  • Physical therapist
  • Collegiate athletic trainer
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physician/osteopath
  • Physician assistant
  • Nurse
  • Clinical hospital administrator
  • Cardiac rehabilitation specialist
  • Strength and conditioning specialist
HLTH student taking cardiac test
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