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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Pacific's Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Community Wellness program prepares you for a rewarding career in one of the many nonclinical areas of health care that require a broad base of knowledge in the social sciences and the humanities. You’ll graduate ready to pursue work in areas like epidemiology, health education and outreach, health law, bioethics, health care administration and policy and psychosocial aspects of health care. 

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and Community Wellness prepares you for a career and/or graduate study in the fields of clinical health care, with an emphasis on population and community-based health care, or biomedical research. This field of study includes bioethics, health law, health care administration and policy, epidemiology, health education and outreach, and psychosocial aspects of health care. 

Three-Year Option

You have the option to earn your Bachelor of Arts degree in three years. Do your part to stay on track, and you could shave a year off your undergraduate work. That means significant savings on tuition and you get a jumpstart on your career.

What is Public Health and Community Wellness?

Former Public Health and Community Wellness Program Director Sarah Mathis explains there is a growing need for health professionals with the skills to improve individual and community experiences in health care settings, understand and manage health data, and administer health care institutions. That's why Pacific started the Public Health and Community Wellness program.

Public Health and Community Wellness major Caitlyn Truong
Caitlyn Truong '25

Caitlyn has been interested in health care as well as meeting and interacting with people since high school. She was able to combine these interests in her public health and community wellness major at Pacific. Although she is still trying to figure out what her career might be, she believes this non-clinical pathway will prepare her to play a part in making changes and initiating progress in health care policies.

Picture Yourself
  • Creating persuasive health campaigns to change the behavior of individuals and communities
  • Analyzing health care data to improve hospital and nursing home performance
  • Drafting policies for consideration by law makers
  • Helping patients cope with the stresses that come from health challenges
  • Coming up with solutions to reduce health inequalities based on culture, race, ethnicity, gender and social class
  • Bringing business skills to the administration of a hospital to effectively deliver health care
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Success After Pacific
Carrie Balthrop

Carrie Balthrop '16 is a senior health education specialist with the Contra Costa County Health Services where she focuses on tobacco policy education. 

Learn by doing
The Experience

As a public health and community wellness student, you will gain practical experience by working in the field with health professionals, first observing and then participating. You will go out into the workplace to learn from practical experience and return to your professors to analyze and learn from these experiences.

health care worker
kelsey belomy
Success After Pacific
Kelsey Belomy

Kelsey's English degree has taken her to a career at Blue Shield where she works as a technical writer. She uses her background in English to make medical information easier to understand.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Community Wellness
Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Community Wellness

Choose a concentration

In addition to foundational and elective courses, you will specialize in one of three career-oriented concentrations: 

Business and sociology classes prepare you to lead and administer health-related businesses and community organizations. 

Political science and economics classes prepare you to draft government policies, understand the trade-offs for institutions as these policies are put into practice and advocate for those trying to change government policies.

Sociology and psychology classes prepare you to understand the individual and structural factors that affect health and how you can help provide the social services that build healthier communities and improve equality in access to health care.

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