The Department of Philosophy actively prepares students for a variety of careers, meaningful personal life and intelligent participation in their communities. Our students graduate with analytical, critical and interpretive capabilities as well as a passion for knowledge and self-expression, preparing them to be responsible and intelligent citizens.

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    To study philosophy at Pacific is to belong to a community of intellectually curious individuals. Pacific philosophers, both students or faculty, are committed to pursuing answers to life's most vexing questions. The department offers philosophy courses that address issues that all human beings confront, such as the nature and limits of knowledge, the principles of right and wrong, the meaning of life, the truth of religious claims and the nature of reality. These courses aim to inspire students with new ideas and prepare them for a life rich in critical thinking.

    A scientific approach to the paranormal

    Investigative journalist and Pacific philosophy alumna Carrie Poppy describes her encounter with a spooky feeling you'll want to warn your friends about and explains why we need science to deal with paranormal activity in this TED Talk.

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