The Anthropology Minor is designed to allow students with an interest in Anthropology the opportunity to combine a generalized sequence of courses into a program. An Anthropology Minor broadens a student’s major field of study by exposing the student to the diverse ways of life of people around the globe. Students who complete the Anthropology Minor have a greater knowledge of the theories, concepts, and methods used by Anthropologists in the study of human cultures, past and present. A Minor in Anthropology is excellent preparation for further study in any field that requires the abilities to understand and engage with people from other cultures (including teaching, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, business, law, and counseling).

Note: 1) At least two courses must be taken at Pacific as specified below.

ANTH 053Cultural Anthropology3
Select 17 units of advanced anthropology electives:17
INTL 151Cross-Cultural Training I 
INTL 161Cross-Cultural Training II * 
ANTH 132Modern Middle East 
ANTH 134Anthropology of Africa 
ANTH 170Culture and Economy 
ANTH 172Culture and Power 
ANTH 188Anthropology Theory 
ANTH 193Special Topics, Upper Division 
SABD Course ** 
Approved ANTH Courses *** 
*INTL 161 has a study abroad pre-requisite (or comparable international experience) and can only be taken after study abroad.
**Up to 4 units of non-anthropological classes taken abroad may count towards the minor
***These may include anthropology classes taken on study abroad.